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Dave is back home!!!

Dave would love to have visitors in the upcoming weeks. He will have to stay lying down to recuperate. Anneliese will be working from home and managing many things, in addition to taking care of Dave. We can help them, by providing a small lunch and/or snack for Dave, and just hanging out for a bit. Go to the Meal Train link below to help. This will be so helpful and appreciated! Dave needs high protein meals and snacks to help with the healing. He could also use some fun/quality time with his friends. By bringing food (for you and Dave) and spending time together, you will tremendously help in his speedy recovery. Thank You!

8/5/13 part1

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post from home.

My last week in the hospital was good. I had many friends come to visit. I was a bit anxious, as I’ve been here for a month and have made a lot of wonderful friends who I will not forget. They have helped me overcome obstacles that seemed unthinkable a month ago. At the end of the week I’d realized that I’ve missed the entire summer. I had been inside the entire time, and my moment’s outside happened to include clouds and fog.

Part of the “graduation” from Kaisers rehab was that you receive a green shirt with Kaisers motto “Thrive,” and a black sharpie. The intent is to wear the shirt to PT and have all of your PT & OT “Wrecking Crew” sign it. Fridays PT included walking using the parallel bars for assistance (video below), which kicked my ass. Saturday morning I knew I didn’t have to go to class, so I slept in. I was not able to clean the room, and it was a disaster. Anneliese and Alli immediately helped me get dressed and started packing up. After packing, Anneliese and Alli loaded up all hospital-related stuff into hospital bags. Like thieves in the night, they took all their loot to the car, before we were officially discharged. Once we picked up our meds and were cleared to go, we made our way to the car. Having mastered transfers earlier in the week it was no problem for me to get in the car, the only problem we had at this point was our car looked like an episode of “Hoarders.” The last problem before we could set-sail was to get the wheel chair in the car. We got through it and made it back to Walnut Creek.

We got to my brother’s house in Walnut Creek and got ready for dinner at Il Fornaio. After jockeying for parking (a gentleman in his Tommy Bahama’s  righteously plucking a “blue spot”), dinner was amazing. It was great to have real-people food (and a glass of Pinot Noir) again. From there we went to the Lafayette Park hotel because my bathroom is still under construction at my brother house.

Sunday was spent at my brother’s house. A few friends dropped by, as well as my contractor (Domenic Covarelli and his wife Doreen). We had a great day , filled with laughter. Jon’s ribs and Molly’s salad-pallooza were amazing. “Reliable Craig” was back fixing the side gate, so I can get to the back yard. It’s getting late, and time for me to head back to the hotel to get some rest.

I will update as soon as I can.

Drive fast and take chances!



P.S. We’ve got gear! Go to the link below to order “Stanton 53″ apparel. Majority of the proceeds will be used for Dave’s future and immediate needs.

Password is: supportds53!