And We’re Back!

Well…   it’s been awhile.  I haven’t had much too much to say since my surgery.

My surgery went well, my wound to continues to heal…..slowly………… :-(

I went on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks.  After those wonderful drugs, I went in for weekly iron transfusions.  This past week I got my PIC line out – I am happy to have it out as that son of a bitch ITCHED!  I’m hoping my lab results come in showing that I’m doing good, so no more IV.

I have been lying in bed for the last 6 weeks; I am able to get up for about 20 percent of the day.  I won’t lie it has been really rough.  Your mind goes crazy when all you see is the 4 walls in your room.  My wife makes sure “I’m not depressed”. She asks me constantly – it almost becomes comical.  I was able to make it through those rough days with some help from all of my great friends that occupied my time with small talk or other talk – Kenny, Berto, Michael, Mike, Jimmy, Jason, Barry, Joy, Jennifer L., Kevin, and Steve.

Our July 4th was not too eventful, I mostly laid around  – as I wasn’t feeling that great.  The next day, I felt better and we invited Kenny, Lisa and Kyle Norman over.  We hung out and BBQ’d, sat by the pool, and had a good time.  I went to bed early, Anneliese visited for hours with Kenny and Lisa – they reminisced about things.  Anneliese and Kenny will forever be tied together for that walk down to the start/finish line on June 2, 2013.

In July we had 2 parties.   Eddie had his 12th birthday and he wanted a party at our house.  We rented a 30-foot tall water slide and enjoyed the fun.  Eddie’s dad catered the whole party with food from the Greek Restaurant, Opa.  It was fun to have everyone at the house celebrating his birthday.  Eddies uncle Youra and his Dad made it really special.  Thanks Guys.

Alli’s graduation party came a week later and it was such a good time. All of her best friends were there. It’s been a hard transition as each one of her friends are going to different college, Alli being the only one within a couple hours.  We attended her orientation and couldn’t be more proud.  She was accepted to their nursing program and is living on campus.  It’s very exciting for me, as this is my little girl, and I am so proud.

Jack and Eddie have started school.  Jack started Monday, August 25th and Eddie, Sept. 3rd.  Jack is a junior, Wow!  He’s enrolled in Autoshop at Acalanes with My Autoshop teacher, Q.

Eddie began a private academy in Los Gatos.  Anneliese commutes a few days a week and will share with Eddie’s dad. Kids back in school Whoo Hoo!

We got invited to go to Cabo by Eddie and his Dad, such an amazing offer.  I wanted to go so desperately- but decided to hold off until I’m a little stronger.  I really wanted to let Anneliese just sit at the Villa and look at the water.  My goal is to get strong enough so that we can go next year.

I have had a few amazing days with friends that have come over to sit and visit with me, Mr. Boring…. Or take me to AFM Board Meetings, coffee, lunch , lunch, lunch, car shows, shooting guns, spirit tasting and dinners with family and friends parties. Thank you.

My life is pretty good.  I stay at home 90 percent of the time because I need to heal up.  I’m up for a few hours, but believe it or not, I get tired and need to get in bed in the afternoon.  I take naps everyday.  My body is still adjusting.   I don’t have enough energy right now to have a “regular day” like I use to.

This is a big adjustment for me.  I look outside and everyone is having fun on a summer day, I do want to partake but I just can’t hang like I used too.  It’s hard because,I was tough before and now not so much. :-)

My wound is slowly getting better.  People often ask, what my hold up is…. It’s my wound.   I’m working hard on getting this bed sore closed.  Unfortunately, it started out pretty bad so it will take some time.

I occasionally sneak out to a small party or bigger events…AFM Races.  I so look forward to the races and seeing all of the great AFM’ers. I am embarking on DS53 Coaching with the help of Brian and Valicia Bartlow. I am really looking forward to it so stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming up.

A couple weeks ago we had a little earthquake, and my wife woke up screaming…. Oh My God!    She finally confessed…  She immediately thought of me.  How could she get me out?  She yelled for Eddie….  He was right there at her feet at 3:23am.  Of course, I told her, just leave me and I will bed surf if it got worse.

Thanks again for all the continued support.



Eddies first day of 6th Grade!
Eddies first day of 6th Grade!
Good Friend, Kenny Norman
Good Friend, Kenny Norman
Just a man and his dog
Just a man and his dog
How you doin?
How you doin?
Lili Chillin'
Lili Chillin’
Bad Friend, Berts!
Bad Friend, Berts!
Getting my PIC line!
Getting my PIC line!
Dr. Eddie
Dr. Eddie
Alli's dorm room
Alli’s dorm room

6 thoughts on “And We’re Back!

  1. Dave it is so good to read your words. We miss you guys so much. It is great to hear you are improving. I remember it took me several years to feel anything close to my pre-life change occurrence self. Keep om working brother.
    Love you and we hope to see you soon.

  2. Dave,
    Making steady headway seems to be the key.
    When you feel up to and if you want maybe do some trackday coaching here in Mexico too? Income generating vacation?
    We are having good time. Laid back here compared to what you are used..
    Take care…

  3. So great to have an update. I often check the blog and wonder how you’re doing. Always sending our best wishes to you and Family.

  4. Dave- Sandy and I think about how you are doing all the time. Sounds like you are heading the right direction. That’s great!! Hope to see you in the future. take care
    dave and Sandy

  5. See, I am curious if you ever wonder “how many people read my blog?” I would hazard a guess and say that your best estimate, let’s amplify that by 10. You just don’t realize how many times I’ve been clicking up in here trying to read your latest update. Me and so many other people…

    This is life, and this is good. Thank you for any blog updates! More, more, more. :)

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