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No pain, No gain!

Well, I’ve passed my drivers Exam with flying colors.  It was a bit of an ordeal as the cop car VIN number was wrong with the insurance –  blah blah blah, but after a few hours my great instructor made time for me and took me between appointments at  the DMV.

Driving is fantastic and gives me so much independence!   You can’t believe what you take for granted… even sitting in traffic!     I was thinking today and even told a friend of mine.  I wish the cop car had cruise control because pressing that hand control down for 20-25 minutes is tiring. Then come to think of it… Cop cars don’t need cruise control!

I’ve taken a few outings by myself that have been great.
The most recent is taking Eddie to school.  Anneliese finally had a day where she was not feeling well; I jumped at the chance to take him.  She woke him up- she told him I was taking him and then she started making breakfast.  He was so fast and was standing at the front door ready to go before our scheduled time.  He was especially excited because it was raining!
Anneliese got us both in the car, put my wheelchair in the back and kissed us goodbye.  I’m not sure she got a lot of rest while I was gone -but it was a much needed break for her.
Eddie and I took off, made sure we hit every puddle in the neighborhood, burning out at every neighborhood stop. He laughed uncontrollably and yelled – find another puddle!
It was a great drive, with him reading me his book, telling me hilarious stories and telling me to go faster in my cop car!  It was like I was living again, in the world of reality…traffic, kids, and crazy weather.
It was great.  We even got gas!  Anneliese has been teaching Eddie how to fill up – but he wasn’t ready when we reached Los Altos.  We had plenty of time before school so decided to venture out to a gas station.  The closest is in a shopping center near his homeschool class – I knew, if I flashed my handicap placard they’d have to come out to help!  Thank goodness, as I’m great to drive but can’t quite get out of the car by myself to do anything like this, and, as I said…. eddies in training! They were great, filled our car and we were on our way.  No waiting for Ladies Day at this station, Everyday is ladies day for me!!!  Another perk!!
Full Service!

Driving has allowed me to start a new adventure at SCI Fit.  What an incredible experience!
They seriously kick my ASS every week – I can’t even bring my arm up to brush my teeth at days.  My buddy Kenny and I would ride the dirt for hours – the next day he would say, are you sore?  I wouldn’t be, he would hate me.  He laughs now everyday when we talk!
This gym is unbelievable in their knowledge and dedication to spinal cord injuries.   The equipment makes me feel like I’m at a gym where I can walk on my own.  The people that work there are incredible. These girls are half my age and half my size – but kick my ass every time and encourage me.   It’s an awesome time with fun people.  Missy, Heather, Rachel – you kill me!  But, Anneliese loves you because she’s already seeing huge improvements in me with helping her with my transfers.  She loves SCI Fit, I love it too!

This past Sunday, my buddy Stein, I mean Dwayne took me to the auto show in Pleasanton.

Improvements around the house are coming along.  I now have a beautiful ramp to the backyard.  I don’t have to look out anymore and hope someone would come along and help me through the doors and down the step, I love progress!

Rain sucks for a paraplegic.  If you can imagine how inconvenient it is for you when you are unloading your car – imagine me.  It’s not fun.  By the time I’m in the house, my seat cushion is drenched, I’m drenched and the wheels are rolling around dirty water all over the house.  (Not to mention, Anneliese is completely drenched for helping me lol).  When you cover and run to the house, hmmmmm…  I roll as fast as I can.
Something to be said for dry climates.   AND, this is my first winter but I can understand the desire for a warm climate.

I have enclosed some embarrassing videos of my attempt to being “Martin”. (A good friend, who is incredibly strong!).

Everyday and week is new, and this our new weeks motto below;

Anneliese and I have seriously decided, life’s pretty darn good….  What’s the alternative?  Choose to move ahead!   Someone told us this and it stuck.   We are moving ahead.  When something like this happens to you, you can’t look back and feel sad.  We need to move forward.
Of course we have sad days but don’t we all?   I just can’t run from the misery!  I can only ROLL……..

Thanks for your support everyday.  I search the web daily (that’s my daily grind,lol)
I cannot thank you for your emails, calls and texts – it’s incredibly awesome.

Eddie and Berto's
Eddie and Berto’s dog…aw
Eddie and Momma washing the cop car
Eddie and Momma washing the cop car
Here she is again, can't wait
Here she is again, can’t wait
My beautiful Boss 302 being restored...
My beautiful Boss 302 being restored…


I'm up and looking forward to this day
I’m up and looking forward to this day
Kids telling us about their day
Kids telling us about their day
At DMV waiting!
At DMV waiting!
Parked in our handicap spot...Interesting!
Parked in our handicap spot…Interesting!
yea buddy, driving!
yea buddy, driving!
Woo Hoo passed!
Woo Hoo passed!
Working on my chair...a new kind of maintenance
Working on my chair…a new kind of maintenance
Eddie and Momma at the park!
Eddie and Momma at the park!
Too much commentary, i guess...
Too much commentary, i guess…


stretching...I know it feels good!
stretching…I know it feels good!

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