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It’s a new year, and so happy it is!

Happy New Year!


How glad was I that it’s a new year?  A year full of new dreams, hopes and a realization we have a big future in front of us.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s been such a rough road of ups and downs.  Just a couple of days ago my wound on my back went backwards!!  It was simply a different pillow we were using to rotate me every 3 hours at night.  At times, it’s very frustrating.


Overall the holidays were great.  We had a great family Christmas Dinner with most of the family and it was just perfect.  It was so nice to just hang with the family and enjoy the time together.  I was given a killer quad copter to fly,  which I’m mastering in the front yard.

Also, a few great models to put together.  Although, my wife forgot the most important ingredient – the glue.  We are still working on those.  Overall, everyone had a wonderful Christmas.


The next day was my daughters 18th birthday.  We had an amazing brunch with all the family and extended family  including, my mom, Anneliese’s mom, Karal and sis, Kelly,  as well as  Jen’s parents, Cathy and Marty, Jen, Tim and Megan.  Such a great day with amazing sentimental gifts for a special 18th birthday.  I think she was happy with all her surprises :-)


The holidays were great as Eddie was on his vacation with us since we didn’t have any vacation with him last year.  Unfortunately he got pretty sick and Anneliese had to shuttle him to his docs on the peninsula.  When he gets sick, we ave to be extra careful because of his lungs.  Anneliese is a little freaked out with this Swine Flu again – between me and Eddie she’s keeping us quarantined.  Unfortunately, this flu can be devastating to either one of us.  We spend a lot of family time inside and just hanging out together.  At times it gets to be like cabin fever and we end up all deliriously laughing and bugging each other just to have fun.  


I got a notice in the mail that I need to take a new drivers test on Feb. 3rd, so, I decided to take my daughter,Alli, out on Sunday and drive all around Walnut Creek in my cop car.  Pete and I put the controls in and they work great.  She was a little nervous in the beginning as we screeched from the front of the house.  She was more comfortable as we went further and drove around town as well as freeway.  Such great freedom for me and I love it.I’m sure my wife will be happy as I’m driving her crazy with my back seat driving!


I’ve been trying to stand in my standing frame daily.  I definitely need help as I can’t figure out how others get there legs over without help.  We are working on this but I do enjoy standing while other things are going on in the house.  Today,  Anneliese was on the treadmill and me on the standing frame.  The only thing that was bad…Anneliese likes to watch her DVR trash TV while on her treadmill.  She says it goes faster for her- for me, it was painful to watch lol!


I’m trying to get a routine going, it’s hard because I use to go and do, now I feel like I sit and try to figure out what to do.  I spend more time on the computer.  I’m starting new projects on the computer and also was nominated Director at Large for the AFM.  We had our first board meeting  this past  Wednesday in San Leandro.  I was grateful that Tim Scarrot came over picked me up and took me to the meeting.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t strong enough to get into his truck – he was nice enough to take our car to get me there.  It was nice to see who was there, and get back into it.  It gives me an outlet to stay connected.  I never thought I would go back to the board but circumstances sure changed my opinion!!


Anneliese and I had a storage facility with so much of my racing stuff –  we were evicted last month.  Anneliese, and two friends,  moved all of our stuff the other day into a new facility.  This was weighing on me and I hated the fact, I couldn’t wake up at 5Am, drive over there and get it done.  These are the the simple things I hate that I can’t help with.  My boss,Chris was so generous, met Anneliese and let us move our stuff into his storage. 


Anneliese’s company wants her to go back to work next month.  It will be difficult, but we are going to try to make it work.  She will definitely be working 20 hour days!  Just want to make sure she can do it.


I wish I could tell you at this point, I’m dressing myself, changing myself, transferring myself or getting myself places.  Unfortunately, I need major help from my wife daily in all of this.  Thank God for her and her constant unconditional love for me.  She changes the dressings on my wounds when the nurses can’t be here.  She helps me shower,  drives me crazy when she’s trying to clean around me constantly.  I make jokes, and she threatens to smother me.  I can’t ask for more. ..!   We laugh more than we cry, guess that’s good at this point right?


On a sad note, my wife’s father passed away Christmas Eve.  We celebrated  his incredible life this past Saturday.  It was be nice to see her brother, Chuck, who has come in from Boston as well as other family.  I also met other long family friends for the first time in my wheelchair.  What an incredible man and awesome stories.  He was a Cal quarterback as well as his father.  They both took Cal to the Rose Bowl.  Only father and son to ever do this.  What a great day with incredible friends, and what an amazing life.    Thank you to all our friends that took the time to celebrate this day with us.


On Monday was my 44,th birthday,  Anneliese and I had a wonderful lunch downtown, then a little shopping.  We came back home and she put me into bed for a little rest, acting like nothing else was happening.  About 15 minutes later Pete and Christy surprised me and they all whisked me away for an awesome Surprise party!  My buddies arranged a surprise party for 20 of my friends and family.  What a great night!  I scored with some great tequila.  I still haven’t ever acquired the taste of beer back since the accident but I do enjoy sipping some good tequila.


Just a note…  On Jan. 9th,  7 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and technology.  

I can only hope that in 7 years from today- technology has advanced so I can regain some of the hobbies I had before…..


Thanks everyone for your continued support.  You’ve been Awesome.

Those that continually support – I have to tell you, it’s unbelievable.  I’ve seen a couple on a recurring payment.  It’s just so beyond gracious.

I thank you so much.  Truly, our family can’t thank you enough. 


We will update sooner than later because as you know now,  I have to take my drivers test AGAIN with my hand controls!  I’ll have footage and definitely updates!




Eddie getting ready for Papa's celebration
Eddie getting ready for Papa’s celebration
Moving stuff from storage
Moving stuff from storage


Anneliese's Father, Boots
Anneliese’s Father, Boots
Dave with new scarf and Craig's cop glasses!
Dave with new scarf and Craig’s cop glasses!
Great birthday dinner with family and friends
Great birthday dinner with family and friends


Getting ready to drive!
Getting ready to drive!
storage moved
storage moved