From Her Words Again…

At 4 months its been an incredible journey thus far.  We have had so many ups and downs.  A lot of downs.
But, as my contractors wife text me one day, Dom says he always hears you and Dave laughing while his working…..   He says you are always happy?
I told her, we make the best out of what we have.  We are best friends and truly like one another – we do our best in a situation we have no idea how to act.
Her response…….. a big smile :-)
Its been awhile since I wrote.  Its been a journey often times very frustrating with the medical side.  Ive tried very hard to be a good nurse but at times you have to give up and let the professionals do it.  Dave has unfortunately, gone backwards since leaving Rehab last time.  He was pretty much 100% dependent on myself.  Since our hospital stay at Walnut Creek Kaiser on Friday, Oct 4th
2013, his legs have gone down to the “skinny” side.  He told me tonight  – I never thought I would be so happy to have chicken legs….  He wants them as lite as they can be so he can move!!
We were very happy to be back at Vallejo as we had a good experience the first time.
Dave now has a hospital bed in our room with a low air mattress.n  It’s been so difficult as his sole care caregiver…  I have wanted to take him to the ER on several occasions but think……..ok, we have a Home Health Nurse coming to the house,  she will tell me to take him.  Well, after Kaiser fired the first Home Care Company and brought in their own home Health Nurse – after 3 days of taking care of Dave, she wanted us to go to the ER as she felt his care was in need of a higher level.
I took him to the ER in Walnut Creek and  he stayed there for 10 days .
Now he has been transferred back to Kaiser Rehab in Vallejo.
From a wife’s perspective daily:  My light is on in the car for my tire – it needs air….  Oh, Dave takes care of that!    I bought a new printer – need to set up the wireless  function – Oh Dave takes care of that…      I need to set up all of the TV’s with their cables…. Oh Dave takes care of that…    He takes care of SO many things for me – I never realized.  Not to mention the daily tasks of…   of 3 garbage cans out on Wednesday nights,  Recycle, Trash, Hanging something for me, bringing in something heavy from the car.
I’m lost without this incredible man..  I’m pretty independent but you don’t realize how much your partner and you do together.  You don’t realize in a good marriage how much a partnership can be horribly missed when he is just “not home” for a period of time.  Not to mention when he’s home he needs to re-learn how to do these simple tasks.
Dave had a good day in Rehab today after 3 bad days of Rehab.  His initial experience back in Rehab was really bad and not encouraging for any of us that knew how good it was before.
Thank you to Martin Szwarc  for showing up and staying with him for the whole afternoon/evening when I had to take the kids home.
Also, thank you Tim Scarrot and Harley Barnes for showing up and cheering him up.
Again, thank you to all of our friends & family who continue to make sure I’m not lonely while he’s been away, and makes sure he’s not lonely while in the hospital.  Also,those that help me around the house, it’s so helpful  – I’m thankful to all .     David and I will be eternally grateful.
I love this man, my goal is to help him get stronger and become more independent so he can get out and be the man he wants to be again.
This is our goal – pray that our goal comes true :-)
On the way to Laguna Seca a few weeks ago Dave and I heard a song on the radio that he just looked at me and said, “Sweet Annie”
We love these lyrics and we enjoy listening to this song.  The song is “Sweet Annie” by Zac Brown Band
I’ve changed “one word” in the song below…
Sweet Annie: by Zac Brown::
I’ve been burning bright, for so long I can’t remember
Pretty girls and late night bars seem to be my line of work 
Believe me when I say, I can’t stay forever
This man had all he can stand, time to lay this body down.
Sweet Annie, Can I stay with you awhile?
Cause this roads been putting miles on my heart
Sweetheart I’ve been living in a fantasy
 But one day lightening will strike, and my bark will lose its bite
but don’t give up on me
Sweet Annie

Sweet Annie
I know I promised you a life
But an empty bed and the words I said don’t carry any weight
If I could take back yesterday find a way to start it over
Turn around put the “BIKE” down I’d pray it’s not too late
Sweet Annie
Can I stay with you a while?

Cause this roads been putting miles on my heart
Sweetheart I’ve been living in a fantasy
But one day lighting will strike, and my bark will lose its bite
But don’t give up on my,
What will be, will be
Sweet Annie
Turn out the lights
these hands alone to hold you
Fall all over you,
all over you again,


We are unable to upload photos at the moment, but here are a couple videos from rehab take #2!

6 thoughts on “From Her Words Again…

  1. Dave is very fortunate to have you by his side. I’ve been reading his posts about how great you and the kids have been through all of this. And you are all surrounded by an incredible network of friends who love you and will help at the drop of a hat. I hope I can pay you all a visit next time I make it out to Cali.

  2. Dave and Anneliese,
    Sorry to read that the past two weeks have seen some steps backwards. Anneliese, Dave has my number in his cell, I live literally 5 mins away in Pleasant Hill, please pick up the phone and let me know if you need me to run over, it would be no problem.
    Rich Snowden

  3. Hi Dave:
    Just caught up on your journey… happy for you, you got the filter removed…Yay!! Your skinny legs look fabulous too!! Watching your video…you have come a long way !!
    Keep blogging enjoy reading…..One day at a time 😉
    Big Hug to Anneliese…..your an amazing women.
    My best to you both…sandy

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