Back to the Big House AGAIN, after one of the best days ever!!

Hello Everyone

Since last time I’ve blogged a lot has happened…. Great and not so great!

On Saturday, Sept. 28th , Anneliese and I headed south to Monterey to watch my good friend,  Steve Rapp,  try to rap up the Harley Davidson XR 1200 title.  On Friday I was talking to Wayne Rainey and told him I was heading down that way on Saturday and he invited Anneliese and I over for Coffee.  First we stopped at Embassy Suites in Monterey to pick up our tickets from will call.  Steve left us tickets but the only thing there was a parking pass.    We decided to go to Wayne’s and deal with the mix up with the tickets at the track.  We arrived at Wayne’s house at 10:30, we were greeted by his wife Shae, Wayne, his son Rex as well as a few of his friends up from college.  Shae whipped us up amazing breakfast burritos – while Wayne and I talked about the Races that day at Laguna Seca.  After breakfast, Wayne showed me how he transfers into his pool.  He uses a platform to transfer from his chair down into the pool.  From there, he showed me his garage and inflated my wheel chair tires – which he saw – were a little on the low side.   Meanwhile, Anneliese and Shae were comparing stories, as well as Shae teaching her a few shortcuts when it comes to helping me with a few things. After my tires were pumped up, Wayne asked if I wanted to see his trophy room.  I said yes, while trying to keep my excitement to a minimal!  Wayne’s trophy room was amazing, not only was there one YZR500 there were YZR 500’s! The trophies and racing pics brought me back to my childhood and watching Wayne race on TV – reminding me that racing was all that I wanted to do. Anneliese had no idea of who Wayne Rainey was until walking into his trophy room, after leaving- I think she finally got it.  Anneliese said to me as we were leaving for the track, Wayne and Shae are 2 of the nicest people she has ever met.  She said you would never know that Wayne is a 3 time Moto GP World Champion.  He is beyond humble and we appreciated the opportunity to get to know them both better.  He continues to call and check on me and I can’t begin to explain how much that means to me. We told Wayne about our ticket mix up and he graciously gave us tickets to get into the track. Once we got to the track and got settled we met up with Kenny, Lisa and Kyle Norman.  From there we saw JT and Paul, AFM’ers who were working at the event.  JT was able to get us pit passes and most importantly a parking pass in the pits – making it easier for us to get to the races.I gave her a huge hug and kiss and thanked them both for everything.  We started to head up to the garages,  because the world Superbike race was going to start in approx. 1.5 hours.  Unbelievably, it took us an hour an half to get to the garage as I was greeted by many long time friends and racers  – many who I haven’t seen since the accident.  It was overwhelming, and I was taken back on the amount of people coming up to me to just to say Hi or shake my hand.  My friend,  Matt Orange, just had a fall  in qualifying – when we saw him after,  he had me sign his helmet for good luck.    It turns out he got 11th the race!    The next day, I got a text from him saying he wants me to sign his whole bike- pretty cool. It was starting to get late in the day -and I knew Steve Rapp’s race was coming up.  We headed over to turn 3.    I was hoping to get a good view of the race and take some pics from this corner.    I saw Guy Berrysmith and Genn Graifman and I asked both of them where would be a good spot to watch the race. from my wheelchair.   They said, let’s go check.  Glenn came back and said, we will get you on the track where you can watch the race trackside.  I said, are you sure?  He said, come with me.  I proceeded to watch Steve Rapp win the race and the championship right on the track.  What a great day!! On the way home, I told Anneliese, thank you for such a great day, this has been the best day ever since June 2nd.  Thank you everyone for your graciousness and hospitality and making feel at home.

Sunday was fun, 2 of my buddies, Peter Moran and Tim Blasquez took me to see the movie Rush.  If you haven’t seen it and like F1 – I highly recommend it!

Monday came my Stanford Surgery.  Anneliese and I headed over around 11:30 – because of crazy traffic and construction at Stanford Hospital -we got there just at 1:00pm.
We checked in and waited…….  It turns out, the patient in front of me had his filter in for 28 years and it took my Doc 7 hours to get it out.  When they came to me at 4pm to tell me I was next, I asked them, you sure you don’t need a coffee break or something??  They laughed, this is what they do.  At 5pm, they rolled me in.  They allotted 3 hours for me but thankfully after 2 hours they were done.  They were SUCCESSFUL!!  They removed the filter that was undoubtedly causing me more pain than doing good.  My doc said that my main vein was 90% clogged.  Blood was trying to find other ways to get to my heart – working extra hard.  He said, my blood thinner, Coumadin, was clearly not doing its job.  He immediately took me off of that and put me on shots of another drug and then switching to a new drug for a blood thinner in 10 days.  He hopes these new drugs help the blood clots, we will go back in 3 weeks.  If not, he has other options he will try, such as a stent and so on.   We stayed the night in Palo Alto and made our way back home on Tuesday. I was tired on Tuesday and rested most of the day.

Wednesday was a good day with my new nurse coming daily to change my wounds and give us much needed info why I was feeling the way I was.  .  She mentioned I was severely anemic among many other things. Wednesday also brought something I’ve wanted for a long time.  I purchased a used 2006 cop car from the auction.  Berto picked it up for me and brought it over.  This will be my new ride when I can drive!  I can throw my wheelchair in and scratch up the sides all I want.  Pics below of this cool ride!  The kids love it – especially the spot lights!

Thursday, Craig came over and we went for a ride in my new car.  He took me to In and Out for lunch.   We proceeded  to do some Cop Car testing.  Craig is a Cop – he put my Crown Vic Cop Car through the Cop test and gave it the Cop seal of approval!

Thursday night I began to feel worse.  I was shivering and just miserable. Anneliese took my temp, I had a temp of  102.  In the AM, my home health nurse came in and immediately said….  I thought about you and your situation half the night.  My health situation was not going in the direction she wanted it to.  It appeared to be getting worse.  She said for us to pack up and head to the  ER – she would call before hand and let them know her patient was coming in.  We arrived at the ER, and after 6 hours we were admitted yet again to the hospital – with a list of reasons why.
On Wednesday we had all of our moving boxes delivered from our storage.  Anneliese was overwhelmed with all the boxes in the house and then me getting sick again.  It turns out, when she arrived Friday evening, after getting me all settled in at the hospital, she was shocked and incredibly emotional when she saw the house.  We had 4 incredibly thoughtful people, Antonieta Lee, Jennifer Smart, Megan Majestic and Kelly Erb unpack EVERY single box and put everything away in its place while we sat all day in the ER.
They even went to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ace Hardware to get racks for kitchen cabinets, bins for pantry, hampers, picture hanging stuff – they broke up boxes, took them to recycle etc.  Anneliese said she sat in the empty house and cried for awhile.  It was overwhelming the goodness in people and how much this gesture helped her at this crazy time.  For her to come home and be able to have dishes,  pots and pans to cook is amazing for her.  It finally feels like our home.  Thank you all for this amazing gesture of kindness, it’s truly incredible how friends and family have continued to step up to help us in these difficult times without even asking.  It’s so amazing how many great people there are out there.  Thank you over and over.

I am in the hospital because I have a UTI, C-diff which is an infection that can occur after taking antibiotics.  One of the main reasons, other than those, are my wounds.  Tomorrow I will meet with a surgeon and determine if they can go in and surgically remove dead tissue and  see how deep they are.  I also will  have a J-tube (feeding tube) put in to help with my nutrition.  After tomorrow we can better determine what my next steps will be.  There is discussion of putting me in a Skilled Nursing Home – I’m certainly not crazy about this idea but know the level of care is around the clock.  Anneliese does her best but these sores require her to turn me every 2 hours if not 1 hour – 24/7.  It will all determine on what they find Monday and what we all decide is the best for me.

Thanks to my friends and family who came to see me this weekend and had to wear these silly gowns and rubber gloves.  Thanks Mom and Dennis for bringing those awesome cookies.

Again, thanks for all your posts, comments and support.  I hope to see you all on November 18th.

PS: Something is wrong with posting pictures and all that I can post is the picture below. I will post more as soon as I can.


me and wayne


10 thoughts on “Back to the Big House AGAIN, after one of the best days ever!!

  1. great positive stuff, and a lot of hard stuff. you take it all with such the right attitude. i went to the hospital last week for a video of my throat and stomach, severe acid reflux and they wanted to check for tumors. all is fine. but they laid me down in my jeans and a tee shirt and threw a gown on top of me. IV, heart rate and nose air and i was out for 20 minutes while they deep throated me with a camera. the nurses were all so nice and telling me how brave i was, and i am thinking about all the stuff you went through, this was nothing. but it was a perspective of 1 billionth of what you have.

    1. Dave you are a brave guy and i know Anne and you all will continue to have a great life!!! I miss you all…let me know when your in Disco Bay, i would love to see you all !!! I pray for my friends and know you are blessed !!!

  2. Dude had a filter for 28 years? That thing was old enough to vote!

    Best of luck in this post-filter flurry of activity.

  3. Dave,
    I was so happy I was able to see you before I returned home. I loved how you answered the door – “eh brah”. Hope you’re enjoying those mele macs!

    You are an amazing SmarTita and I hope that everythime you rock that symbol it reminds you that you’re one tough, tender sista!



  4. cdiff is nasty nasty stuff. please please grab the doc by the short hairs, and beg him to do everything they can to get it out of you

    and not to let it get to anyone else in your home

    headed back to ca monday, and will start giving you trouble! :)

  5. Hi Dave,

    You are such a great writer! I love reading your blog, and appreciate the honesty and openness with which you share your experiences. I’m hoping you will get over this temporary setback soon, and will feel better. Hang in there… your body just has to catch up with your mind, then nothing can stop you!

    I’m so glad they got the filter out! That’s a huge hurdle and it’s behind you. I’m especially glad you had a good time at the track. Sounds like a fun time!

    You continue to amaze me! Feel better soon!!


  6. Go, Dave! You are truly amazing! You and Anneleise do such an incredible job of expressing yourselves. You have conquered so many hurtles! What a team you are! Together, you can conquer all, I have no doubt! Love your indomitable spirit! You are an inspiration to all! Thinking of you and sending love and hugs your way!

  7. Dave, you continue to be a source of schoolboy envy! You should hear how the other kids ‘ooh and aah’ as Eddie tells them about your escapades in your cop car. I’m pretty sure they went home to tell their parents how they should get one, too. Have you really always wanted one? Whether you have or haven’t, that is the story going around down here. You got the cop car of your dreams, and everything that goes with it (except arresting people). A legend in your own time 😀
    Please be good to yourself- you are doing an amazing job. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Anneliese. Steady as you go.

    Love to you guys.

  8. Sounds like a great time… I am jealous would have loved to go to laguna.
    How fantastic to hang with Rainey!! What a great mentor….
    Multiple YZR500’s? Crazy cool….

    Sorry to hear you have run into more medical challenges..
    Though with all the tremendous issues and medical challenges you and your family have overcame so far, i can only assume that this will be cakewalk in caparison…
    All the best to you and your family..

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