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I am sorry I haven’t been able to update you very much but I’ve been a little preoccupied. I’ve had a few setbacks, I’m doing better now. My left lung still has been giving me some trouble. Tge doctors are going to watch it over the weekend and come up with a game plan for treatment. I have been doing physical therapy everyday and today, I was able to sit on the side of the bed balancing with my arms for about 20 minutes. I should be moving to Acute Rehab in Vallejo by next week sometime. I will update the blog with all the info if anyone wants to come visit.

I want to personally thank everyone who has made a donation for my recovery and for all of the nice comments. I don’t remember much about the race which I guess is a good thing. Thank you to all of the turn workers and NMP’s who took care of me trackside.

Time for some mechanical soft hospital food, yum! Fortunately, my wife and daughter snuck me In & Out Burger today!



Doctors are keeping a close eye on Dave’s left lung. This evening, they reviewed recent X-rays to determine whether he would need an additional chest tube, or possibly a surgical procedure to repair his injured lung. Further examination is expected to occur in the morning (June 28) to determine the recommended course of treatment.

Because we are still essentially working to stabilize Dave, all while working through heavy emotional material, we would appreciate keeping visitors to family only. We so greatly appreciate everyone’s loving support and look forward to Dave being well enough to welcome visitors. At this time, we are eagerly reading your posts, and focused on getting Dave the best care possible.

As always, thank you!
The Stanton’s


Today like yesterday was a challenging day for Dave. The rapid collapse of his left lung required an emergency procedure to correct this potentially life threatening condition. We are hopeful that this corrective action will help alleviate some of the intense pain that Dave is fighting through. He continues to struggle to come to terms with his injury and the days ahead. Anneliese has been staying by his side day and night, along with his family.

Your continued support and reassurance is needed to see Dave through this. As a family, we are asking for your support now and in the days ahead. He is continuing to do his part and we need all of his “fans” to continue to stay vigilant during his road back.


A major development since our last post is that Dave has been transferred from Chico to the South Bay. He was flown by plane, and there was even a seat for Anneliese too! While we miss the lovely nurses in Chico (honestly, they are great!), we are definitely confident in his new care. We are pleased Dave was stable enough to move, and we’re excited to be geographically aligned with where his recovery support will be (not to mention, closer to home).

Dave is progressing at a similar rate as we detailed in the last post. He has continued to breathe on his own (the trach is still there but is not actively being used), and the lungs are still an area of focus. The medical team is still administering the new antibiotic directed at this specific pneumonia. Dave’s back is in a great deal of pain. The doctors and nurses are working to effectively manage the significant discomfort associated with his injury and subsequent surgery.

As we mentioned in the last post, Dave is becoming increasingly more alert and aware each day. While we certainly get some of his wit and humor, Dave is also working through the heavy emotional toll of the realization of living as a paraplegic. While doctors had advised the family of this fate within hours of his injury, Dave is now coming off of heavy meds enough to begin to digest this information. Continued support by friends and the racing community are especially critical at this time, as the psychological part of this journey is just beginning for him.

Because of our anticipated long road ahead, we have set up a website to continue to support Dave in a more comprehensive way. We have established an account for donations that will go directly to Dave, and of course greatly appreciate words of encouragement. We will make sure Dave is aware of all the wonderful existing messages on CaringBridge, but hope you will post on the new site from here forward (all our “journal” posts will be found on the new site as well). So, without further adieu, please check out:

The Stanton Family


We are pleased to report that there has been good progress in Chico. While we are still cautiously optimistic, we quietly celebrate victories along the way. These last couple days have illustrated how long the last two weeks have truly been, and how even a small “win” can lift a great deal if weight off ones shoulders.

Sunday was more of the same, a lot of sleeping and occasionally somewhat alert enough to gently respond to questions from visitors. Alli and Jack were there (among other family members) to acknowledge Fathers Day…nice day with family. As had become somewhat routine, Dave did have another bronch treatment and did continue to have breathing support through the trach all while battling pneumonia. Late Sunday night, possibly due to extremely heightened activity in the neighboring room (emotions from distraught family members of a neighboring patient), Dave grew anxious and communicated to the nurses that he wanted Anneliese there (she had stepped out briefly after a full day). She rushed back to the hospital to find a much more alert and communicative Dave who inquired (through signals and gestures, since he still can’t speak with his trach) where he was and what had happened (at this time, he has no recollection of the crash). He even managed, with assistance, to write a note to Anneliese…”love you.” From there, this first night of being more alert was still a long one. Dave woke frequently, and wanted reassurance that Anneliese was there with him….of course, she was. We wonder if the commotion next door motivated Dave to push a little harder into the next phase of his recovery.

Monday was a pivotal day in level of alertness and psychological motivation. Dave began to truly exhibit a drive to “get this show on the road.” Continuing on this trend, Monday brought another bronch treatment. This time they took a culture and are administering a new antibiotic formula directed at his particular infection. He also showed more vigor in trying to pull himself up by the bed rails, and did sit upright with assistance twice on Monday. What’s even better, he began to breath “room air,” the first step toward removing the trach (which is still sometime away, but we are a step in the right direction).

Today, Tuesday, Dave continued to breath room air, had another bronch treatment, and continued to astound us with his drive. Today, he sat up in a chair for the first time since his crash, and even offered a smile! They swapped out his trach to a “collar trach” which does not force air in as the previous version had, but rather blows air by to assist with more typical breathing. He was also given applesauce to test his ability to swallow, which is a necessary step toward ditching his feeding tube. He did well. Additionally, Dave’s friend Craig was in the room, and at one point Dave motioned to him to come over and help him sit up. Once sitting, Dave plugged his trach and whispered “thank you little buddy!” Not a dry eye in the room! Pouring on the charm, Dave alerted the nurses that his mom had also been a nurse for 35-years. He then thanked them for all they’d done for him.

What a week so far. Again, we have long road ahead, but we are thrilled to report progress. Please continue sending positive thoughts and prayers. We are pleased to be able to provide a meaningful and positive report, and we’ll hope to continue to have more for you, Dave’s adoring supporters!

With love,
The Stanton Family


Not much new information to report from Chico. While Dave is recovering from last weeks surgery, his lungs are still the primary focus. Since our last update, Dave has had a handful of Bronch procedures and antibiotics to address the pneumonia (in right lung). Each day he has a couple hours off the vent, but ultimately, his lungs fare better with the assistance of the vent.

There is also frequent discussion about a flight transfer to a Bay Area Hospital. We are hopeful this will happen soon, once Dave’s lungs are more stable.

This morning he had a shave, and looks rather comfortable on his new “air bed.” We have also posted some photo collages (thanks Christy!) in his room and a super-sized “Mr. Incredible” poster. We will try to upload a few photos to the site.

We appreciate the continued support, and read each and every post with your words of encouragement. We look forward to Dave being able to peruse them while he’s in rehab.

Be well!
The Stanton Family


Day 10 in the Neuro Trauma ICU in Chico. Mentioned before, in addition to severe damage to the spine, Dave also suffered injury to his lungs as a result of the crash. He is working to recover from Saturdays spine stabilization surgery, and his lungs/breathing are very much under close watch. He opened his eyes Sunday as they woke him from sedation. He had very heavy eyelids and put forth that effort of a champion to open them when someone was talking to him. Dave even offered occasional faint smiles and puckered his lips when people told him of a forthcoming kiss!

Monday was more difficult than Sunday. He struggled with his breathing, and was not as willing to interact as he had on Sunday. We believe that he is working hard to mentally process the trauma and injuries his body has endured. This is the beginning of a long physical and emotional/psychological process.

Today, the medical team continued to work on his lungs and he had an IVC procedure to insert a filter to catch any blood clots. Tomorrow we are hopeful for a day of rest, physical therapy and continued recovery.

We are keeping visitation to a minimum this week. Anneliese is with Dave at the hospital. She has unwavered in loyalty and continues to encourage Dave day and night.

Finally, Peter Doyle and Berto Wooldridge are working to develop a site for donations (button at the top of this weblog) to help with Dave’s lengthy recovery. Once it’s complete, we will provide all the details. Just wanted to mention it as some have inquired.

We will try to update as frequently as is reasonable. As always, thank you!


Yesterday’s trach and feeding tube procedures went smoothly and Dave is clearly more at ease. Last night, we were encouraged to leave the hospital for a good nights rest, while the night nurses administered lots of fluids to best prepare him for surgery today. This morning Dave looked healthy (his stats and color were good) and ready for a full day of surgery. Dave has a long day ahead still, and our family has completely taken over the waiting room in Chico. Our entire focus is in today, only.

All of your messages of encouragement and support are more meaningful than you can imagine. This has been a very trying week, and having your kind words throughout the day is impactful. We are constantly in awe of the expansive network of people that Dave has attracted. We’ve always known what an amazing man he is, and we are so proud to know you all feel the same way!

There is a link below of a school prayer for Dave. We were incredibly touched that they conducted the prayer and caught it on camera!

We will try to update when Dave is done with surgery. Ideally, to complete today’s stabilization, it is expected take most of the day.


I wanted to give an update on Dave. This our 6th day in ICU in Chico, CA. He is heavily sedated and has a breathing tube. He has developed pneumonia-they inserted another tube yesterday in addition to the other two he already had for his injured lungs. Today they will attempt to perform a tracheotomy and insert a feeding tube. This is all in anticipation of his all-day spinal stabilization surgery tomorrow. This is the plan for now-but as we all know, critical situations change hourly. For now, we have a plan.

We want to tell everyone this experience has been overwhelming for our entire family. We want to thank each and everyone of you that has reached out to show support for this outstanding human being! Dave’s fighting to win the biggest race of his entire life for all of us right now-and positive energy is much needed.

We will update after we get through the next 48 hours.